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Shirts and patterns and stuff from work at LookHuman (and even some personal art)

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The Ravenclaw motto! 

tee | tank | tote | pillow

This is unquestionably the best costume around.

pink baseball tee | pink dark shirt | red & blue tee | red & blue baseball tee

Workin’ on the Sherlock one…

Dr. Who longsleeve | Dr. Who tank | SPN baseball tee | SPN black tee

My sea serpent is on stuff other than shirts now! hooray!

tote | pillow | blanket | phone case

(the shirts come in color and just black too!)

It’s the big bad wolf…! It was fun figuring out how to make this look like an old woodcut fairytale illustration, I would like to thank layer masks for enabling that.

The Wolf’s Defeat on dark | The Wolf’s Defeat on light

on other products soon, as well!

But I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep.

light tee | tank | tote | pillow

But rough ones really blow anyway.

light tee | dark tank | pillow

This was a project that ended up taking a little more time than I had anticipated, oooops. I’m super proud of how it came out though, so it’s all worth it! (I might get the black tee for myself honestly, and that’s saying something! I usually don’t like to wear my own art because I’m always sure I’m going to improve and be embarrassed by it later hahaha)

also, a reminder: we have free shipping all weekend!

dark shirt | light shirt

tote | pillow | phone case

Finding new suns can be hard though.

tee | longsleeve | tote | pillow